Chips & Salsa / 5

Add guac / 2

Taquitos Fritos

Five fried tortilla rolls filled with queso fresco, topped with salsa verde/
cotija/pico of gallo/mixed greens/salsa roja / 11

Spicy Smokey Chipotle Chicken w/ Cheese Empanadas

Two flaky pastries filled with chicken and cheese, served with salsa verde and sweet chipotle aioli / 10



Tortilla chips/monterey cheese/ cheddar cheese/cheese sauce/ pico of gallo/crema mexicana/queso fresco/cilantro / 11

Add chicken guisado, beef or carnitas / 13 



Pommes Frites/cheese sauce/pico of gallo/queso fresco/ salsa verde/flour tortilla
and your choice of chicken, beef or carnitas /13
Shrimp / 14


Rice/pico of gallo/cabbage/ cheese sauce/queso fresco/salsa verde/flour tortilla
and your choice of chicken, beef or carnitas /13
Shrimp / 14


Chicken Guisado | Shredded Beef | Carnitas | Pork Belly

Pickled red onions/salsa verde/ queso fresco/organic radish/cilantro

Dos Tacos / 9
Single Taco / 5

Fish Baja (Haddock) | Shrimp Baja

Shredded cabbage/cilantro crema/pickled red onions/salsa verde/cilantro/guacamole

Dos Tacos / 11
Single Taco / 6

Veggie | Vegan

Spanish rice/cactus fresco salad/ queso fresco/guacamole/organic radish/salsa verde/black beans

Dos Tacos / 8
Single Taco / 4



Rice/pico of gallo/cabbage/cheese sauce/queso fresco/salsa verde/ and your choice of chicken, beef or carnitas / 13
Shrimp / 14

Southwest Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce/red onions/queso fresco/cojita/black beans/crispy tortilla strings/tomatoes/chipotle caesar dressing / 9
Add chicken / 13
Add shrimp / 14



Four homemade cinnamon sugar churros topped with two scoops vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce / 8 


Salsa, Sour Cream / 2
Guac, Rice, Queso / 3
French Fries / 5

*Kids options available
*Please inquire about any allergy concerns