Neno's Gourmet Mexican Street Food

About us

Neno’s began as solely a food truck, but it quickly gained popularity and ultimately led to us opening our eatery! Not to forget our roots, we continue running our food truck year round at both public and private events in and around the Greater Rochester area! Featuring a modified menu, you can enjoy Neno’s Gourmet Mexican Street Food where it was first meant to be – on the street!

The core inspiration through and through with Neno’s Mexican Gourmet is family, specifically the Rita Family. Co-owned by a brother and sister (Ojayra) duo with their talented mother (Irma) as a prep cook, this inspiring family brings delicious Mexican food and drinks to the area in a way that has never been seen in Rochester. Neno’s menu has a modern and elevated twist on Mexican classics inspired by family recipes.

The name Neno was inspired by the beautiful woman whose portrait is displayed on the walls of the Monroe Ave location, Lucila Agricola Ramos Leyva, also known as abuela. Our head chef and founder, Fidelio Jr. was given the name Neno as a child by his abuela. When the Rita children were young, their parents immigrated to the United States, and they stayed in Puebla, Mexico with her. Abuela was the origin of the name of the restaurant along with many family recipes and Mexican cooking techniques that influence the menu at the restaurant, most notably, the Mole.

When you support Neno’s, you are eating the food inspired by generations of inspiring, beautiful, and hardworking Mexican women from Puebla. You are supporting the most diligent and dedicated family who strive to bring the real Mexico to your plate and in your glass. There’s no coincidence that the local Mexican community in Rochester and the surrounding areas choose to dine at Neno’s. They claim it is the closest they come to tasting home. Here at Neno’s, we are your home away from home. From our family to yours.